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The Alliance for Economic Renewal

Based on the Threefolding ideas of Rudolf Steiner The Alliance for Economic Renewal focuses on creating a new currency which will provide the framework to support a fair social sphere and a flourishing cultural sphere. In one respect this will be what I consider a breech birth of these ideas- more ideally a free and flourishing cultural sphere will inspire fairness and equality to the social sphere and out of that will be born a brotherly (and sisterly) economic sphere. The material can not create the spiritual.chiemgauer

A good analogy is the brain-mind connection. Our thoughts are not created by atoms interacting in our brains. (Think the alternative through to its end conclusions to reach a very dark nihilism.) The physical brain does provide a framework where we can consciously experience our thinking. A conventional antidepressant may influence this framework so that we may have a crutch of not readily falling into poorly adaptive habits of thinking. We may work from a myriad of other directions- psychology can give us the chance of changing and addressing those habits of thinking as well as transforming the thinker. Anthroposophical remedies may strengthen our higher organs to be readied for this transformation. 

It is apparent to me that the world is very ready for an economic transformation. In our own country and in others we see the symptoms of severe inequality. Nearly everyone would like to see this change. The system is perpetuated on the whole by good hearted, well meaning people. These people are stuck in a system where they are working harder and harder each year just to survive. Our economic life has led to a stunting of our social and cultural development. Righting our economic sphere will provide much needed healing to our social and cultural spheres. The AERMark is just the very physical foundation for the economic sphere.

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To view a similar currency started in a region of Germany by a teacher and a few of his students, check out the Chiemgauer and Christian Gelleri (youtube link).
There are over 7 million euro worth transacting per year and growing!