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Money and the practice of medicine has always bothered me; as a physician my profession sits squarely in the “rights” sphere of human society.

Morally I want to do what is right regardless of a person’s ability to pay, yet I must still use money to support myself and my practice. I have struggled to develop a system that will be fair for all parties. I like the quality of a direct pay system with an annual fee that lacks any copay. This makes sense- the more I successfully do my job keeping you healthy, the more I benefit too. Yet some will inevitably be unable to pay in this system. Our clinic needed a new type of money as well- money designed with a moral basis.

Thus the Martin Clinic will be based on a suggested donation. If you can donate only in onions or chickens, those will be accepted. If you want to help pay ahead for the next patient that is widely appreciated. If you cannot donate, no sweat! I have in my younger youth been given gasoline and money by kind strangers and have lived homeless for a short stretch of time.

This medical clinic will be based on this new money- still in design by the Waldorf School of Atlanta in conjunction with the Alliance for Economic Renewal. This new money is called  “AERMarks” (Æ).

The nuts and bolts of AERMarks:

  • Donations are accepted in both USD and AERMarks

  • AERMarks can be obtained an a 1:1 ratio with US Dollars. 

  • For every doantion you make in US dollars we will give you 10% of that amount back as AERMarks for you to spend. This is to promote the adoption of AERMarks. 

  • It is our hope that AERMarks become not just a local currency here in the Atlanta area but also an inspiration for a national-global currency to benefit humanity.

The special qualities of the AERMark are:

  • They will slowly lose value over time 12% per year (1% per month). On our paper currency this will be accomplished with a sticker that must be bought every 3 months for 3% of the bills value, else the bill will have no value. The proceeds of these stickers can be directed by the individual to gift money for their designated cause. In the electronic system this occurs monthly as a transfer out of a member’s account into their gift account. That value is not actually lost but becomes “gift money” in your account that can regain its value only when given to your selected non-profit.

  • It is planned that they will be electronic and accessing them as easy as using a cellphone, a debit card, or online bank-like software.

  • Adding decay to money will decrease hoarding and increase the speed it changes hands. This stimulates the tangible economy. 

  • Real human works can prosper out of the gifting of decayed money which is directed by you as an individual. 

  • AERMarks can be converted back into US currency, but with a 10% tariff (used as a “leak” inhibitor)

If you are a business owner, please consider making your business a member of the Alliance for Economic Renewal. Let’s commit to a good future together.

If you would like to help implement the ideas of the Alliance for Economic Renewal we are looking for folks who can program this system, people who can spread the word, and great thinkers, feelers, and doers in general. You may contact us here.

Sign up for a free AERMark Account here!

Thank you,
Mark Hancock MD MPH